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What should you prepare before borrow car loan?

A car loan is one of the alternatives to own a car for you who have insufficient money to buy the car in cash. In this recent time, there are many financial institutions which can lend you the fund to buy the car which you want. Whether the bank or money lender, you just need to Click Here if you are looking for the fund to afford a new car or the used one.

Borrowing a car loan requires some of the documents to get approval from either the bank or money lender. For you who want to borrow car loan, it is a good idea if you have already prepared the entire document needed for the loan. Here are some examples of the general document that you need to prepare before taking car loan:

1. ID Card
The ID card is one of the most important things that you need to prepare before you take a loan car. The lender needs to know who the borrower is, in order to avoid any bailout or bad credit.

2. The update of bank account in the last three month
Another thing that you need to prepare before borrowing money from money lender is the data of your bank account in the past three months. By using your bank account, the bank can estimate your ability to pay the debt.

3. Pay slip
The bank or money lender will also ask your pay slip. The reason is still to estimate your ability to repay the debt that you borrow. If you want to borrow car loan, you probably need to have the monthly income at least USD 400 each month to get the approval.

The requirements as above are the basic standard requirement to borrow the loan. There might be additional requirements assigned by the money lender. Please call the money lender if you want to get more information.