Successful Walk-in Interview

If you are interested in these vacancies, you can immediately prepare a cover letter and CV then you come directly to the job center ni. Usually, companies that enact walk-in interviews directly interview or provide a series of tests on the candidates who come. Then, actually how will walk-in interview successful? In essence, a live interview (walk-in interview) is the same as a regular interview. It’s just that you are required to be more alert and ready because you are directly dealing with the interviewer when applying. However, before you decide to come to a walk-in interview, you need to examine the job advertisements that you read. Whether the field of work and the position offered matches you.

Once you are sure that the vacancy is indeed what you are looking for, make a resume and CV is good and complete. Then prepare yourself for a live interview. Previously, first understand the scope of work offered. At least, you can prepare if you have questions about the scope of work during the interview. Then choose the most appropriate and polite clothes. Do not forget to notice your overall appearance in the mirror. Make sure that your appearance is neat, clean and worthy to attend the interview, from head to toe. When the interview time comes, show a bright, cheerful and optimistic face. Do not even show your face dull and sad. Because no one company wants to hire people who seem to be desperate. When encountering the interviewer firmly hold his hand (not too weak or too hard).