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Tracy's Karate - The Ultimate in Self Defense

Tracy's Karate is celebrating 17 Years in Cincinnati!

At Tracy's Karate we are committed to providing you with the best martial arts training possible. We offer both group and private lessons for our students. Tracy抯 Karate is committed to the success of all of our students. Whether it抯 to gain focus, strength, flexibility and confidence in knowing you can defend yourself, or achieving personal goals Tracy抯 Karate will be there for you.


Special Family Rates

Tracy's Karate studios encourage family participation and involvement in classes. In fact, if you choose to learn karate together, in the same private lesson, only one member of the family pays - the rest study FREE!


Mark & Al Tracy

Private Instruction

Each Student may study privately on a program individually designed for his or her personal needs.  It is this unique concept of private attention that has set Tracy's Karate apart from all other schools of self defense.

Now offering Ohio Concealed Carry Classes

Tracy's Karate offers special programs in building confidence for both  children and adults.  The Tracy's system of private and group classes enables anyone, regardless of previous athletic experience, to learn self confidence.

In conjunction with personalized instruction, students may choose to train in group sessions designed to supplement their private classes.  This combination offers our students the most unique and versatile self defense programs available.  This emphasizes the basics of kenpo karate and body conditioning - resulting in improved flexibility, coordination, muscle tone and endurance.